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school blows.. i wanna see monica... guess what you guys.. on saturday i went to the beach... for the first time.. ever it was so beautiful.. i'll post a picture when i get home.. i went with bliss and colin and wow.. i couldn't stop smiling.. i didn't think my day could get any better.. but guess what.. it did<3... on the way home bliss asked if i wanted monica to come over and i was like.. oh my god yes! so we picked her up and drove back home.. me and monica drank some and bliss and kenny went to some show. i had a lot of fun. i got shitty. hah... anyways, sunday was chillax.. except when we had to goto bliss' family gathering thingy.. it was boringggggg.. =(.. i got new pants. =)... uhm, i like monica =). she makes me happy. anyways.. i guess johnn was kinda mad at me and so yesterday i called him and we talked and then we hung out and got shitty. it was so much fun. he's my best friend. so yeah, now im at school. im sad, bliss didnt wanna hang out yesterday.. first time in like a month =(.. oh well.. maybe we'll hang out today??
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