fuck you homo pants. (xattakx) wrote,
fuck you homo pants.


was bliss, kenny,gaston,eric and lauren's graduation... i went to that and i was so bored.. but i was way happy for them. i am really really proud of them. i had to leave because colin,trevor,johnn,jared,lori and lyndsay and kevan were waiting for me so we could goto the basement... we got a bunch of beer,some smokes blah blah, we went to the basement and got crunk wit it... i had to be home early, so jared took me and kevan home. so yeah, jared took kevan home, then me, i left my phone in his car, i miss it. anyways, jared gets back to the basement and there is 3 cops standing with johnn,trevor,lori and lindsay.. i'm not here at this time so i don't know all the details, but i guess one of the tennates called the police, everyone had to get picked up, it sucked.no one is in alot of trouble or anything but i feel bad..so
I wake up, watch my brother and sister for fuckin' like 34837483748347328974893258 and 38 hours and 43 mintues.. called trevor, he was like "yo foo, wanna ride the bus to teddies for that partay?" i was like "you know it...g." and so i went to his house, but by the time i got there, his mom said she would drive us, SCORE.so we get to teddies, i walk in after saying hi, and the first thing i see is this
GORGEOUS girl and i smile at her, she smiled back and i went and got a beer. i got a 12 pack of miller high and drank all but 3 to myself. hah, so, after a while of smiling at her and being too afraid to talk to her, the alcohol kicks in and i go and talk to her.. she held my hand, i kissed her.. it was electric. she was a fucking amazing kisser.. ill write more later. bye
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