fuck you homo pants. (xattakx) wrote,
fuck you homo pants.

holy shit.

holy fuck did i have a long weekend.where do i start?alright, friday was sheep sex and shes dead at glasshouse, so we(me.bliss.eddie.trevor.) go, we get there about 8:14 and we all go our separate ways, frank got me in for free, but i got kicked out for fighting, so i went and hung out outside.. i chilled with monica, we had fun and drank and shit.. anyways fast forward.. its about 11:30 and we are driving home when bliss sees this cop behind us.. shes like, kevin get down( because her car only seats 3 and we had 4) and while she is making sure im down, she goes into the other lane, after this happened twice, the cop decided to pull us over. long story short, bliss had a .108 BAC, and trevor had a gram of weed. no good. bliss gets put in jail, trevor has to call his mom, me and eddie had to call sergios dad and he had to come get us. lucky for us, we didn't get in trouble. so anyways, the next day, bliss calls me at like 10 and is like, wanna goto the mall? im like,yah sure. so she picks me up and we goto the mall. then she takes me back to her house and gets ready for prom. she looked so pretty! =). 5:30 rolls around and she takes me home. i go over to johnn's house and we smoke all of my ciggys =(. sunday, me, bliss,eddie and monica all hung out. we went to monicas and drank a bunch, it was fun. but yeah, i had a fun, and scary weekend. heres some new pics.
oh yeah, i got a new jacket!!! =) NeutralHorror: stoned washed anything is so cool.

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